Startup Alliance members create and update Knowledge Base Articles. This is an important resource for knowledge and information. You can search the Knowledge Base or filter based on category tags.

What you need to know:

  1. Accessing the Knowledge Base
    1. You must be signed in
    2. Access the Knowledge Base via your main dropdown menu or the Nucleus link in the upper navigation menu
  2. Voting on Knowledge Base Articles
    1. You are encouraged to give a thumbs up or thumbs down on Articles
    2. You can only vote once
    3. You cannot undo your vote
  3. Suggesting an Article
    1. Anybody can suggest a Article 
    2. Give it a brief title and outline what you think it should cover
    3. Anybody can become an author of a suggested Article
      1. Filter the Knowledge Base to show suggested Articles
      2. Author any Article you feel qualified to write
  4. Adding an Article
    1. Make sure there isn't already a similar Article
    2. Give it a title and assign all appropriate category tags
    3. Type and format the content
    4. Save as a draft to finish later
    5. Publish the Article when you're done
    6. You receive a byline as the original author of the Article
  5. Updating an Article
    1. Click the edit pencil
    2. Make your edit
    3. Save your changes (this creates an updated version of the original Article)
    4. You are added to the editorial team of this Article age
  6. Reviewing earlier Article versions
    1. Tap the Edit history drop-down menu
    2. Choose the earlier edit you wish to review

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