FActors & STrategies (FAST)

The FAST Backstory:

Any good entrepreneur can give you a list of things they need to do to make their business a success. They can also tell you things they need to avoid. We call these Factors, there are two kinds:

    1. Success Factors — things that benefit your business
    2. Risk Factors — things that can hurt your business

It's obvious: You should pursue strategies to Maximize the Success Factors for your business and Mitigate the Risk Factors.

But it's tricky: Running a business includes countless distractions which take mind share away from the essential things your business needs to succeed.

Startup Alliance invented the FActors & STrategies tool (FAST) to help you maintain focus on the things that impact your business. Distractions are inevitable, the FAST tool exists to help you return your focus to these essential matters.

What you need to know:

  • All members of the company team can create, edit and delete Factors and Strategies
  • Refer to them regularly, discuss them weekly and update them whenever you need to

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