Discussion Forums are available for unlimited use by Company Teams and Alliance Members. Use them to ask questions, get answers and discuss ideas.

What you need to know:

  1. Discussions are private, only visible to each Alliance Member and Company Team member
  2. Click the plus on the Discussions tab to start a new topic
  3. Add new Posts within the appropriate Topic
  4. Add a new Reply to any other Post
  5. You can edit your Topics, Posts and Replies
  6. Watch for unread Post and Reply icons
    1. Your main menu displays unread icons
    2. Each Company and Private Alliance Discussions tab displays unread icons
    3. Refer to the team tab to see if your team mates have unread items
  7. If you delete a Post, all threaded Replies are also deleted
  8. If you delete a Topic, all Posts and Replies are also deleted
  9. When you delete, it's gone forever - there is no undo

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