Alliance or Company membership is required to send the first message. Members on the Free Membership plan can respond to messages and continue to converse but they cannot initiate a conversation. 

What you need to know:

  1. You can initiate a conversation in three places:
    1. Members profile page
    2. Company team tab
    3. Alliance members tab
  2. You can access all existing conversations on your main menu
  3. Each member can delete their own messages from a conversation
  4. Either member can delete the entire conversation and all messages
  5. When you delete, it's gone forever, there is no undo

If you have Free Membership and want to send a private message, visit the pricing page and upgrade your membership.

Pro Tip: If you have Free Membership, once you're invited onto a Private Alliance or Company Team, you will be able to message any other Startup Alliance member, even if they're not on your team

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