Inviting your people

Becoming part of a Private Alliance or Company Team is by invitation only — at the sole discretion of the person that created the group.

Be thoughtful about who you invite:

Make sure the people you invite have complementary skills and an appropriate level of commitment to the success of the group. The person that created the Private Alliance or Company Workspace can remove inappropriate members from the team at their sole discretion.

Inviting people into your Private Alliance or Company Workspace:

  1. Anybody with Free Associate Membership (or Entrepreneur’s, Alliance or Company Membership) can join your team. It's OK if they're not already a member of Startup Alliance. If they're not a member, they'll be put on the free Associate Membership plan.
  2. Only the person that created the Private Alliance or Company Workspace can build the team
  3. Visit the Team Members tab in your Private Alliance or Company Workspace and click the Add Member link:
    1. Adding via email:
      1. Click the email invite button to open a new invitation email
      2. Customize the text and add the recipient
      3. An email is sent containing an invitation link
      4. The recipient clicks the link and fills out the form
    2. Adding via Startup Alliance Username:
      1. Type their username and click the add button
  4. When inviting people to your Company Workspace, choose the appropriate role:
    • Owner
    • Employee
    • Advisor
    • Consultant
    • Investor
  5. You can modify the Company Team Member role at any time - just click the pencil on their card


Feel free to invite people onto your team temporarily – you may want a consultant to become involved for a short-term project, for instance. To remove them, simply visit the team tab and click the trash can icon on their card.

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