Private Alliances for Entrepreneurs

Inspired by Mastermind Groups, Private Alliances unite complementary groups of entrepreneurs to share advice, insight and feedback to help each other make better decisions, achieve goals, overcome challenges and improve outcomes.

Each Private Alliance has a tabbed interface featuring summary information about the alliance, information about the members, private messaging, discussion forums and virtual office tools plus information on the companies of each Private Alliance member.

Please refer to the tools sections of the knowledgebase for information on each of the tools.

Creating a Private Alliance:

  1. You must be on an Alliance Membership Plan. Visit the Pricing page
  2. Visit the Alliances listing and create the Create Link (You must be signed in)
  3. Fill out the form as completely as possible
    1. Activate stealth mode if you wish to prevent your alliance from appearing
    2. Activate the recruiting notification if you are recruiting
    3. Submit the form
  4. Edit your listing as often as you want
  5. Invite your people (refer to the appropriate knowledgebase article)

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