Collaboration Workspaces for Companies

Collaboration Workspaces for Companies are where staff, advisors, consultants and investors team up to set objectives for their company, discuss and overcome challenges and track their progress towards their ultimate success.

Each Collaboration Workspace has a tabbed interface featuring summary information about the business, lists information about the team and provides a set of tools for enhanced focus and superior collaboration:

Tools for enhanced focus:

  • SAKPIs – our standard set of KPIs keeps the team focused on making constant improvements
  • Factors & Strategies tool – keeps the team focused on overall priorities and implementing optimal strategies
  • Objectives and Key Results tool – keeps the team focused on deliverables and aware of team mate responsibilities

Tools for superior collaboration:

  • Private Messaging – keeping the team connected with unlimited direct messages
  • Web Conferencing – unlimited live team interactions regardless of geographical location
  • Discussion Forums – to ask questions, get answers and capture knowledge

Please refer to the tools sections of the knowledgebase for information on each of the tools.

Creating a Collaboration Workspace for your company:

  1. You must be on a Company Membership Plan. Visit the Pricing page
  2. Visit the Companies listing and click the Create Link (You must be signed in)
  3. Fill out the form as completely as possible
    1. Activate stealth mode if you wish to prevent your company from appearing
    2. Activate the recruiting notification if you are recruiting 
    3. Submit the form
  4. Edit your listing as often as you want
  5. Invite your people (refer to the appropriate knowledgebase article)

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