Subscriptions and Billing

Membership in Startup Alliance is made available on a subscription basis. There are four types of membership:

  1. Associate Membership
  2. Private Alliance Membership
  3. Company Workspace Membership

Learn more about Membership Plan capabilities.

Associate Membership is free forever. Private Alliance and Company Workspace memberships are paid subscriptions. There are two billing periods available:

  1. Monthly subscriptions are billed at the start of each monthly period. 
  2. Annual subscriptions are billed at the start of each annual period.

Paid subscriptions are typically offered with a "free trial period" which delays the date on which your monthly or annual payment becomes due. There may be "Group codes" occasionally available which impact subscription fees in various ways.

Billing Information:

Subscription payments are made using a major credit or debit card and processed securely via Stripe. Members with a paid subscription must attach a valid card before their first subscription payment becomes due. For your convenience, paid subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each monthly or annual billing period.

Managing your Membership and Credit Card:

You will find summary and billing information about your membership on your Membership Management Page. (Accessed from your Account Settings Page.) You can also change your Membership Plan and attach a credit card to your account. If you wish to change to a different credit card, delete the currently attached card and attach a new one.

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