Your TrueInsight Profileā„¢

Complete your profile:

  1. Visit your Settings page, write your personal mission statement and add links to your social media accounts
  2. Visit and attach your photo to your email address
  3. Visit your Profile page, click the pencil on the Startup Skills tab and rate yourself
  4. Also on your Profile page, click the pencil on the Personal Traits tab and rate yourself

About Startup Skills and Personal Traits:

Startup Alliance uses a standardized set of startup skills and personal traits to help profile the membership. This makes it easier to search for someone with particular skills or characteristics and makes it easier to get to know the people you collaborate with.

  • Rating yourself is optional but highly encouraged
  • Ratings are self assigned on the honor system
  • Signed in users can see your rated skills and traits
  • Unrated skills and traits do not appear on your profile
  • You have the option to make your rated skills and traits visible to non-members (Settings page)
  • Every user has a Skill Index (SI) and Trait Index (TI) based on their rated skills and traits

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